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1. MyAreaC
What is it for?
How to register?
What is the € 15.00 ticket for?
2. Area C: basic rules
When is Area C activated?
Which streets are included in Area C and which are its borders?
Do cameras detect only the access or also the exit from Area C?
Who cannot enter or circulate in Area C anymore?
For how many transits is the Area C ticket valid?
3. Purchasing and activating entry tickets
Where can I purchase Area C entry tickets?
When should Area C entry ticket be activated?
Is it possible to ask for the invoice of purchased tickets?
4. Vehicles and engine types
Do motorcycles and motor scooters have free access to Area C?
Can also tricycles and quadricycles freely access?
Are hybrid vehicles exempt from paying the entrance to Area C?
If LPG system, methane system or diesel particulate filter have been installed after the purchase, is it necessary to notify the license plate?
Are vintage cars exempt?
5. Deferred payment
If forgotten, is it possible to activate a ticket beyond the time limit set? (12:00 AM of the day following the access)