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Area C ticket management

Starting from your PIN, the 12-digit alphanumeric code that you activated through the "Activate ticket" procedure, in this page you can:

      • View reloads and accesses made;
      • Manage the PIN you were assigned at the time of purchase;
      • Divert the € 5.00 daily access ticket for any corrections on the license plate, by midnight on the day of activation.

If you have a MyAreaC profile you can automatically view the PINs associated with your profile, and you can manage them completely from your personal page. You don’t have a MyAreaC profile and you want to create one? click here.

To view the status of a ticket from this page:

1. Click on the "Enter" button;
2. enter your PIN and license plate;
3. click on "Confirm".

(The data of inputs and residual credit may not be updated in real time, the update is made following the download and control of data from the Area C cameras).

PINAssociated platesAmountResidualAccessesStart ValidityEnd ValidityActivation dateStatus
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