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What do I need to do to access Area C?

          1. Check if your vehicle can access Area C, and whether the access is for free or for a fee, on the page Search class
          2. Purchase an Area C ticket in the section below, if your vehicle is subject to a fee for access.
          3. Activate the ticket (by linking the PIN code of the ticket to your license plate) right after the payment procedure, or on the page Activate Ticket.
          4. Verify that you have received the confirmation message

Remember that you must activate the ticket within a day following the access to Area C. If you forgot to pay the entrance fee within the established terms, you can regularize it within 7 days from the access, purchasing the € 15.00 ticket in the section below. (This ticket can only be activated from your MyAreaC personal page MyAreaC)

If you purchase by credit card, you may be asked to insert the SecureCode password provided by your bank.

          • For any information you can write to MTA.UfficioAreaC@comune.milano.it or call the Call Center at 02 48684001 Monday to Saturday from 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Sunday from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM
          • For further information please visit the page with Rules and prohibitions and the page of the FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions

           To purchase the ticket, enter the desired quantity and click on the "shopping cart"

Shopping Cart
[Empty cart: select an access ticket to buy, enter the quantity and press 'add']

Ticket List
  • ➡️ Ordinary (daily 5€)
  • ➡️ Other Categories  
  • ➡️ Tiles to climb  
  • ➡️ Deferred Ticket (€15 within 7 days)