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Dal 9 giugno 2021, la Zona a Traffico Limitato Cerchia dei Bastioni “Area C” sarà nuovamente attiva con orario 7:30-19:30.
I veicoli trasporto cose saranno soggetti al divieto nella fascia oraria 8:00-10:00, salvo deroghe.

What do I need to do to activate an Area C ticket after purchasing it?

    1. Click on "Enter";
    2. Enter the ticket code;
    3. Click on "Confirm" and follow the instructions, then click on "Activate PIN";
    4. Check in the sms or in the e-mail you will receive in reply if the activation has been successful and if the data entered are correct.

You can check if a ticket has already been activated by clicking on "Search ticket".

Remember that you must activate the ticket within the day following the transit. If you forgot to pay the entrance fare within the established terms, you can regularize it within 7 days from the access, purchasing the € 15.00 ticket in the section purchase. (This ticket can only be activated from your MyAreaC personal page)

    • For any information, the Call Center number 02 48684001 is active Monday to Saturday from 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Sunday from 08:00 AM to 05:00 pm
    • For further information please go to the page of the FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions